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It feels weird posting on wordpress after what seems like a year.

Work has been OK, I have been meeting the budget for school payments and trip money.

Just received a $25 tip on a previous site, and cashed in close to $40 of recyclables the other day.  All of these little things help alot.

$1500 is the goal for August 10th, 2012.

There is $800 in the account right now, and I have been trying to get some sponsorships, however, i think i left it to late. Going to send proposals anyway.

My new camera is serving me well for photos and footage. Wish I could share some of the stuff I have for the bicyle documentary, but I am still looking for a hassle free video converter software so I can turn my footage into an editable format.

Here are a couple shots that I’ve taken while learning the ropes with my new Nikon D5100 (55-105mm).


I started working for a  friend a few days ago as an exterior painter. Richard runs a small franchise in Montreal, QC. (College Pro Painters). Today marked the completion of the teams first job (*pat on back). The customer, and everyone who drove by were impressed. I was too!

Painting. I like to paint things, especially 30ft+ high on an extension ladder.

We produced the job over budget, so no bonus, but the quality was there. Now it’s time to produce that level of quality, but quicker.

                         Spot Priming             Done

What I like about painting (as a summer job), is that the scenery changes alot. This is important for me because I get bored fairly easily. I need challenges, evidence of improvement and progress, and interaction with all sorts of people.

Responsibility also makes me perform. When the final product (say the front entrance) is directly correaleted to me , I am more likely to produce better quality work because I don’t want to upset who ever hired me to do it. (The employer-and/or customer). Noticing personal progress is nice.

                                                Completed first complex pillar     

For some people though, work is work, and painting is just one way to pay the bills. I see it as an oppurtinity to improve in something and to please the customer.

The only negative thing about this whole deal is getting oil paint in my curly hair.

Should be buying a DSLR real soon. We will get some great pics of our work to share.

As you may know, April-May is final exam time for students. I have just completed my third year of university and let me tell you, it was a bit rough, but overall very enjoyable and successful. Since I am in the “academic spirit” (sort of) I figured a post on the topic would be a great way to close the school season, and open up for summer 2012.

I feel fortunate  to be studying something that will be of great use in my future “beer related career(s)”. A lot of students I talk too say that they feel their area of study is completely useless and with that lack of motivation, I cannot blame them for wanting to just skim by. I feel lucky to have a general idea of what I want to do post-schooling. It forces me to take more out of the courses which are relevant. I am studying operation management and am thinking of doing a minor in accounting. The introductory Management Accounting course I took last summer was awesome and difficult.

Wikipedia gives this new area of study a thorough definition:

“Op.Management is concerned with overseeing, designing,  and controlling the process of production and redesigning business operations in the production of goods and/or services. It involves the responsibility of ensuring that business operations are efficient in terms of using as few resources as needed, and effective in terms of meeting customer requirements”

Just recently, the previous supply chain manager at Apple Inc, Tim Cook, was appointed CEO of Apple Inc. succeeding Steve Jobs. The promotion received a lot of media attention and helped shine light on this area of management in any business, specifically in the area of cost/process management. I could not be studying anything more convenient in preparing to enter the brewing industry.

As for electives, I have taken courses like first nations studies, middle east history, sustainable management, and writing courses. I feel these are great sources of knowledge for general discussion with family and friends and great conversations starters with random people. Courses like manegerial accounting have helped me in “real life” as well. Budgeting has become one of my main functions, and so crucial in preparing for cost related goals that require hundreds of hours of preparation. Man. Accounting simply developed my skills in doing so.

Last week or so I completed goal #1 – $600 for the purchase of some upgraded bike parts. Here is a picture of my bike, and my salvaged Burly Nomad Trailer!


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