Deer Lake, NL – Toronto, ON

I’ve ranted quite a bit about the big bike tour I am going on (and currently saving up for) in late August (Montreal, QC- Deer Lake, NL) a total of about 2000km over 26 days.

Although I knew I had no choice but to fly back from Newfoundland, I would never have predicted booking the flight last night…

Damn, so this is it… 5:45 am on September 14th. It is final, got to make it out there now, eh?

To me it seemed a bit early, but it sort of made sense to have booked it already. I had points (AirMiles) from previous travels and need to be back to school for Sep 16th at the latest ( I will have missed 9 days of school by then.. oops). In other words, I needed this flight back, and Air Canada does not fly from this remote location everyday you know. Was not going to take the chance of the flight being full..

It was going to cost me upwards of $400 to fly back, and all I coughed up last night was some hefty taxes totalling $80.

I actually planned on buying the ticket halfway through the trip. What was I thinking…?

To get an idea of where im headed, take a look at this:

The reason I am not flying back to MTL is because the flights automatically went to Toronto anyways (Deer Lake-Toronto-Montreal). I would be backtracking, and it made sense to visit with family in Ontario for a couple days before I went back to my fourth year of university in Montreal. Will take a 5 hour bus back to Montreal on the Sunday. Whew.

At least one things’ outta the way… just 999 other things to prepare for now..


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