My 2nd Summer Job

I started working for a  friend a few days ago as an exterior painter. Richard runs a small franchise in Montreal, QC. (College Pro Painters). Today marked the completion of the teams first job (*pat on back). The customer, and everyone who drove by were impressed. I was too!

Painting. I like to paint things, especially 30ft+ high on an extension ladder.

We produced the job over budget, so no bonus, but the quality was there. Now it’s time to produce that level of quality, but quicker.

                         Spot Priming             Done

What I like about painting (as a summer job), is that the scenery changes alot. This is important for me because I get bored fairly easily. I need challenges, evidence of improvement and progress, and interaction with all sorts of people.

Responsibility also makes me perform. When the final product (say the front entrance) is directly correaleted to me , I am more likely to produce better quality work because I don’t want to upset who ever hired me to do it. (The employer-and/or customer). Noticing personal progress is nice.

                                                Completed first complex pillar     

For some people though, work is work, and painting is just one way to pay the bills. I see it as an oppurtinity to improve in something and to please the customer.

The only negative thing about this whole deal is getting oil paint in my curly hair.

Should be buying a DSLR real soon. We will get some great pics of our work to share.

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  1. magsx2 said:

    Sounds like you are enjoying painting, and the difference a fresh coat of paint makes is just wonderful, it always seems to bring a building or home back to life. :)

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